Videoblogging Week 2007 Day 6: Irene McGee & Sergeant Johnson

On February 16th Irene’s San Francisco apartment burned up in an electrical fire. On Friday, April 7th, I came by to work on her computer. During that time Irene was giving medicine to her surviving cat, Sergeant Johnson, for his burns.

Wednesday April 11th is the Irene McGee Friendraiser, Toasting the Fire event to support Irene getting back on her feet. It’ll be at the Red Devil Lounge with:

+ Exene Cervanka (punk rock legend) is headlining the event

+ Ben Fong-Torres (the “Almost Famous” guy/former editor of Rolling Stone Magazine) who just came out with the new book about the Doors (he was the last journalist to interview Jim Morrison before he died…) will be doing a reading/chat/and performance

+ VinSantos

+ Kitten on the Keys will be hosting the evening she is sooo amazing to watch and just a fantastic comedian/pianist/vaudeville performer who wears the most amazing costumes you’ve ever seen

Come by, enjoy the performance and support Irene getting things back together.

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5 thoughts on “Videoblogging Week 2007 Day 6: Irene McGee & Sergeant Johnson”

  1. Wow. Sergeant certainly didn’t like those meds too much.
    Bravo to Irene for the patience to do that every day. Looks like they’ve both been through quite a trauma.
    How long does she have to go through this routine?

    I also had the meta thought that you were shooting this video in the style of a Reality TV vlog. heh.
    I don’t remember seeing videos like this from you before.
    Nice to see the vbw07 pushing some boundaries.

  2. Thanks, Kent; interesting perspective. That may have to do with being in someone’s personal space and the action that becomes available there.


  3. Hey, Enric, this was really nice to see. I have to give my cat thyroid meds twice a day with one of those mini-syringe things. I found it works better to put her up high, like on a table or counter top. I can pin her to my side with my arm and use that hand to open her mouth, and the free hand holds the syringe. It ends up being over with much sooner for some reason. Different techniques with every cat I suppose. Irene is so funny and positive. I hope her fundraiser goes well. I wish I could attend.

  4. Thanks for your responses, Laura & Cheryl. I’ve mostly had cats — would miss it if one wasn’t around.

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