Future Brings

Future Brings

This is a short adventure film created at the CinemaSports San Francisco, January 15, 2005 film event. And the third film our group, The Haphazards, made — we formed on April 3, 2004 haphazardly from those showing up to be involved without a group 🙂

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

In lieu of a current video, I’m putting up a short film I did at San Francisco City College in the Film Lighting class, “Cat Nap.” It was shot with their silent 16 mm film camera, the music composed by a friend.


Met the Vloggers

Well, I’ve been looking at blogs and vlogs at least since watching the live feed from Vloggercon 2005 on Sat. January 22nd. One of the blog/vloggers I check out is Renegade and who listed:

Come out to meeet me at Meet the Vloggers today and tomorrow here in San Francisco, or a location near you. Seattle is next!

“MEET THE VLOGGERS”, Apple Store – One Stockton Street – Downtown San Francisco.

I hop on BART, get off at Powell Street and go into the Apple Store. Before me is an array of people trying out different devices, walking around and such. I don’t see the meeting! But Ho! There’s an upstairs to which I wonder. There I see Josh who I know from attending meetings of of The Rise Up! Network and other vloggers I’ve only seen on the web:
Schlomo, and
Michael Verdi. And new vloggers I then came to know:
Zadi Diaz,
Steve Rhodes,
Karil Daniels,
Markus Sandy,
Eric Rice,
Stephanie Bryant, Eric Rice and
Dave Toole.

Between and after the interesting and instructive presentations q&a happened. As I think it will often come up on vlogging meetings, questions on making money and a living doing vlogging predominated. Different perspectives and strategies were offered by Josh , Stephanie and other presenters. But also the audience started to offer views on whether vlogs should be community or entrepeneurial focused. It seems obvious this will continue to be an issue for vloggers while vlogging develops.

Afterwards we went to Schlomo’s bar, House of Schields, a wonderful, ornate bar in the San Francisco financial district. It was a relaxed atmosphere where we walked around, got to know each other, ordered chinese take-out and chatted until about 10:30 pm.

The evening gave me a complete sense of vlogging from technology, authoring, distribution and content presented to meeting, connecting and networking with fellow vloggers. The personal, individual and complete aspect from authoring to networking of vlogging became apparent.

P.S. This is my first blog 🙂