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Cirne, dba



Software Developer

July 2010 to Present

Cartoon flyer promoting group skating - Cartoon strip

In February, 2022, designed and instructed Fiverr artist Coferosa to create the graphics for the group skating flyer. Completed the flyer arranging the panels, putting in the text with text boxes and creating the route map.

Used various features of Photoshop.

Convert Cocoa Colors - Mac app

Convert Cocoa Colors - itunes    Convert Cocoa Colors Support

Developed and released in May, 2012, the "Convert Cocoa Colors" Mac app lets developers easily convert from HTML and Photoshop Hex to Cocoa UIColor, cocos2d and NSColor code formats. Colors can also be grabbed from the screen, other apps or the built in color well.

Features: Cocoa technology:

Indie View - iPad app

Indie View - itunes    Indie View Support

Developed and released in July, 2011, the "Indie View - Free" iPad native app is used to watch public domain classic movies, cartoons, TV shows, short films and trailers.

Features: iOS technology:

January 2009 - July, 2010
1 Waters Park
Suite 250
San Mateo, CA 94403
employed as: Technical Account Manager
contact: Alex Orlov,

November 2007 - December 2008
1 Waters Park
Suite 250
San Mateo, CA 94403
contact: Teg Grenager,

November, 2006–January, 2007 and July 2007

TechnoLawyer/PeerViews Inc.
825 Third Avenue
Second Floor
New York, NY 10022
contact: Neil J. Squillante

Developed server side features for TechnoLawyer video project in vPIP. Using the vPIP internal Flash video player, cineViewer, a share button appears at the end of the video that allows the viewer to email the video to others. Further, each view of the video is tracked with the total is shown in the player. See I'm Not Feeling Lucky. The Share button and views communicate to the web page Javascript through Actionscript ExternalInterface to relay information back and forth to the backend server script (ASP, PHP, etc.)

A different version was developed for the 2007 TechnoLawyer eBook with a button at end to download the PDF of material presented. This can be seen at TechnoLawyer eBook Press Kit.

March 2006 to Present

Developed vPIP javascript AJAX library to enable those putting video on websites to easily embed video. All popular video formats – Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media and Ogg – are supported. Various features allow the prior video to close as the viewer clicks on the next one through javascript writing dynamic entries into HTML containers (DIV, etc.); a javascript lightbox like features – ThickBox – that centers the video on the page with the background darkened; and the viewer can grab the javascript generated embed code that recreates the video embedding on the web site it's placed at. The included Flash video player, cineViewer, plays any specified flash video or an external flash video player can be specified.

Included is a Wordpress plugin that automatically sets up the video embed scripts in the Wordpress blog and makes it simple to enter the poster image and video files to show on a blog post. Some of the sites using vPIP are:


Note: During this period, with saving from working prior work, pursued interests in Film with acting, scriptwriting and film projects.

July 2004

InfoEnable, Corporation

Developed site in HTML and Javascript to modern web standards.

May 2003 – July 2003

Developed site for Kat Guevara Design in HTML with Flash portfolio viewer. The Flash viewer dynamically loads the list of portfolio images to view from a server XML file. Then the custom actionscript scrollbar displays portfolio images as the mouse moves over it, see katapult portfolio.

February 2003 – August 2003

InfoEnable, Corporation 11 San Pablo Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 681-6505

Senior Software Engineer. Developed in .NET with ChartFX graphical reports in the eTagInformer software for ACLARA. The reports displayed breakdowns and data from gene and protein analysis.

September 2000–August 2002

HelloBrain, Inc.
6700 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 110
Pleasanton, CA 94566

No longer in business

Senior Software Engineer. Developed in C, C++, MFC and java collaborative web software called BrainScope. Developed web backend in ASP and VBScript. Solaris version of collaborative software developed in C.

June 1999–August 2000

Gomo Technologies, Inc. – acquired by Pomp, Inc.
1 Annabell Lane, Suite 211
San Ramon, CA 94583

No longer in business

Senior Software Engineer. Developed front and back-end of GoMo Mail product in java. The front end is a java applet and the back-end are JSPs (Java Server Pages). GoMo Mail is a interactive internet email product with drawing tools, still and animated images with upload capability for custom graphics.

March 1998–May 1999

Gallagher Heffernan
One Market, Spear Tower, Suite 200
San Francisco, California 94105
Contact: Dan Kipp

Converted and implemented redesign of Clipper XBase program to Visual Basic to manage Liability, Property, Automobile, and Workers' Compensation insurance for Catholic Diocese. Upgrading Commission Management System program for Pacific Atlantic Administrators subsidiary from Clipper XBase program to Visual Basic.

June 1997–February 1998

Vertical Networks, Inc. 1148 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Contacts: Tim Kusumi and Eliot Weitz

Wrote Auto Attendant java program for the InstantOffice PBX, full LAN/WAN connectivity product in Java for Tim Kusumi's team. The Auto Attendant program was coded in Microsoft J++, calling a custom telephone COM control to speak to the caller and route calls to appropriate extensions. Wrote Java applets in Symantec Visual Cafe environment for remote configuration of the InstantOffice system for Eliot Weitz's Remote Configuration team.

January–March 1997

Softbank Expositions and Conference Co.
303 Vintage Park Drive
Foster City, CA 94404-1138
(415) 578-6900
Contact: Ora Chaiken

Wrote and maintained ImageMap applet and Quiz applet at for the Java World Tour sponsored by IBM, Netscape, Sun and Novell.

December 1996 to 2001

Java text conferencing/chatting client applet/program and server program called Synergetic Chat. Subscription version operational at Intercommunicate.


Rocket Lab, LLC 51 Federal Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 495-2297

No longer in business

Wrote Macromedia Shockwave web audio listening control for music band, "Dorothy's Melting". Worked on "Haunted by Waters" CD-ROM and created interactive CD-ROM for music band, "Dorothy's Melting" in Macromedia Directory 5.0 and Adobe Premiere.

November 1996

Voysys, Inc.
48634 Milmont Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 252-1100
Contact: Marketing Department

No longer in business

Created interactive product presentation of VoysConnect and VoysAccess products for computer telephony show CT-Demo 1996 in Orlando Florida. Video testimonials were shot in Standard Betacam, digited on my pentium 90 with the Miro DC20 video digitizer and edited in Adobe Premiere.

1995–September 1996

Voysys, Inc.
48634 Milmont Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
Contact: Marketing Department

No longer in business

Writing Visual Basic Telephony rapid application development code generator call VoysDesigner for Voysys, Inc. This development environment allows a telephony developer to visually create the actions of a telephony response system in a spreadsheet format. The developer uses a toolbox of telephony icons such as Speak, Get Digits, etc., to construct the flow of the telephony call on a spreadsheet form. The code is generated as a complete Visual Basic project and run interactively into Visual Basic. The entire product is called VoysAccess for Visual Basic which includes a Visual Basic control for telephony control. Version 1.2 for Visual Basic 3.0/Windows 3.1 completed in December, 1996.

Writing Visual Basic Telephony rapid application development code generator call VoysDesigner for VoThe next version written for Novell is extended for network centric telephony. A telephony server with telephony boards interacts with Visual Basic clients controlling telephony operations. VoysDesigner was enhanced to manage and create Visual Basic projects on Novell Telephony servers and extended beyond USEnglish (French, German, Italian and Spanish language support added.) The project for Novell was completed in mid-1996.

Writing Visual Basic Telephony rapid application development code generator call VoysDesigner for VoThe most recent version, VoysDesigner 2.5, was written for Windows NT and Visual Basic 4.0. The major enhancements to VoysDesigner 2.5 is internationalization with all the bitmaps and strings in a resource file. This version was also delivered to a corporate partner in Japan.


Mobile Computing Systems

Writing Visual Basic sales tracking system for pen based computers.


Gallagher Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Downsized Mainframe program that originated in late 1970's on IBM System 36 mini to Novell 3.11 Clipper XBase program. This is a major enterprise program that rates Liability, Property, Automobile, Workers' Compensation and Miscellaneous insurance, producing reports and billing. The programming took over 1 year, operates as a Client/Server system in protected mode.


21st Century Learning Corporation

Hardware: Install and program dedicated Novell 2.2 50 user Network with 11 workstations. Install 9600 baud modem, mice and network printers (Apple Laserwriter IInt and Epson FX printers.) Most of the workstations are 386SX with VGA.

Software: Install shared Windows 3.1, Word for Windows, Pagemaker, FoxPro Lan and various other software on network. In February 1994, wrote Visual Basic Access database program to track telephone sales leads for 21st Century Learning products. Created multi-user notification capability and find operation based on any text entry area.


Rocket Rental
No longer in business

Modified and fixed bugs in Foxbase+/Mac inventory and invoicing program.

Meteorite, Inc.
No longer in business

Edited animated cartoon called "The Dunsky's" on Macintosh to video with MacroMind Director and Aldus PhotoShop software. Produced full page ad of "The Dunsky's" for The Hollywood Report with Aldus PhotoShop and Aldus Pagemaker software.

April 1986–1990

Sedgwick James, Inc.

Software: Started in May 1994, Visual Basic claims management program for managing claims to insured pest organizations. The program contains 53 insurance forms from Application to Claims Summary forms that manage claims for pest control organizations. The insured pest controllers can be seperated by region such as Northern California, Southern California, Georgia, etc. An OLE and DDE connection to Lotus' Ami-Pro supplies mail-merge capabilities. And, the communication module allows remote users to update the central Access database.

Clipper XBase programs rating programs for government agencies. The retrospective rating program rates Liability and Workers' Compensation for six different government agencies. Rates are calculated retrospectively on claims incurred in the last four years. Also, integrated system of 13 programs to insure public entities, two programs to insure Loggers and the Pest Controllers of California. Debugging and modifying three Clipper programs written by a prior programmer. Rewriting major program to insure Attorneys. Produced forms, maps and brochures with Ventura Desktop Publisher.

June 1986

CLK Enterprises, Inc. and First California Regional Securities, Inc.

Wrote XBase Clipper leasing program.


American Rag, Cie

Co-produced 30 second T.V. commercial spot.

September 1985

Delta Dental

dBASE III Financial system programs.

May 1985

Century Electric Construction Company

Two CPM databases written in Turbo Pascal.

July 1984–April 1985

Barbary Coast Botanicals

dBASE II program to bid and invoice indoor plant sales. Updated to Clipper.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film from the University of California at Berkeley.

Film production at San Francisco City College.

Pascal and C language classes at San Francisco City College.

8088 Assembler class from San Francisco State College.


1994 – Assistance editor on independent film: "Chalk".

1986 – Assistant to Field Producer at P.M. Magazine.

1985–1986, Production Assistant for "On The Edge" and "Heat and Sunlight" independent films. References supplied on request.